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Heaven to Earth 1996

It was during the summer of 1996 that I spent a period of time in Manchester and met up once more with the Zyla family. I'd known Henryka, her sister Jenny and brother Eddy  since my teenage days. It was Eddy who first heard some of my songs and insisted that he was going to ensure my 'return' to the music industry.

Eddy introduced me to a keyboard player called Warren Mycock who just happened to be one of those unusual musicians with the ability to play and produce more or less at the same time. Warren was quick to recognise the calibre of my music and set to work on creating both the keyboard parts and instigating the production on five of my best songs.

It was an unusually exciting experience working with Warren because he had a keyboard set up which would have been the envy of Wembley. He would truck it around in any mode of transport he could acquire. Warren was working for Bernard Manning at the time and had access to a wonderful P.A. system which was housed at his house. This acquisition together with the Keyboards and all their associated effects made every rehearsal in whatever place we rehearsed, it became a huge gig!

One Tuesday morning Eddy walked into our rehearsal. 'Ok guys, your going to begin doing an album and we begin recording it next Tuesday!'

We then found ourselves at 'Studio Studio' in Whitworth Rochdale and introduced to Pete Traughton the Studio manager. The sessions were over a period of time and I was lucky to get to work with guitarist Nigel Pickering and Pete Traughton himself who did all bass guitars.

The 'Heaven to Earth Album' created the opportunity to undertake a journey to Los Angeles in 1998 In order to work on four more songs with a view to securing a release in America. The songs speak for themselves.

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Now you're kissing me goodbye
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Lonely for love
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