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Big Blue

Could Be Love

You want to know the reasons you're suffering a lonely heart
When you want to run away when you think your world is falling apart.
When you hear the voices singing softly on the radio
When you take a look around and you feel you realise.
Could Be Love Could be Love?
Could be love you feel.
When you're feeling at a distance, when you're kicking up the dirt
When you're settled on the road and you try to make it again.
You're looking for an answer
And you're searching for a name.
A thought maybe cross your mind
You're never going to make it again.
All for love all for love
As an answer.

But I've thought about you always since I've been away
And you want a truthful answer do want me to stay?
Though I've travelled such a distance
It feels I'm never away.

Could be love,   could be love