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Surely you'll awaken

You can buy a golden dream
More than I can make believe
You keep low and out of sight
You can be the guiding light
A thousand miles away
A thousand miles away

Changing minds a changing face
Head held high so full of grace
You bide your time
Your all for show
I hear you singin on the radio
Surely you’ll awaken
Surely you’ll awaken
Surely you’ll awaken

Your seedy eyes can’t recognise
In my letter full of grace
Starin in your face

Touching the highs so full of surprise
You end up staring in your lover’s eyes
I can give and I can make
sooner or later its goiner break

So surely you’ll awaken your part of the livin day
Surely you’ll awaken to turn the tide away


Your seedy eyes don’t recognise
In your letter full of grace
Thrown back in my face

Surely you’ll awaken etc