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Heaven to earth


Your life was surely in my heart,when you threw it all away.
 I never quite knew  just where I stand and never knew quite what to say.
 you found a distance to offend,you threw the pieces on the floor
.such indignation,such indignation for sure.

Take a deeper look inside, feel my spirit wonder free
Never question my actions,or ever wonder where I'd be.
 I've found I have a cross to bear,and emotions on the floor
,shining bright like so many times,just like so many times.

By the Watchtower,down by the watchtower watching you..

By the watchtower,down by the watchtower watching you
 your  beautiful to me,
you break my heart again

.If I get closer now,if I get close,I shield my eyes
and turn away

.If i get closer now
,like so many times
,just like so many times...
By the watchtower
,by the watchtower
watching you.
.By the watchtower
,by the watchtower
 watching you..
By the watchtower
,down by the watchtower watching you
,beautiful to me,
you break my heart again.