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A Poet's Heart 2016

Europe Album

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Best of Nigel H Seymour
Big Blue (almost live)
Heaven to Earth
High Street
Alone 'Live'
Sacred Hearts
Sweet Lady
Writings from the Wall

Two aspiring 15 year old young musicians, each on a path towards a better musical education, found themselves applying for a place, more or less at the same, at the Leeds College of Music. Both subsequently won a place on the newly founded music Btec course, and came together while partaking in the numerous musical undertakings required by the college.

Ross Tennant, folk violin, started playing when he was seven years old and wished to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, himself a distinguished folk violinist. So Leeds College of music was simply the starting point for Ross.

Alex Johnston Seymour had developed a real talent for writing songs and singing them from a very early age. He'd very quicky mastered several instruments, namely Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Mandolin.

When the two young musicians eventually brushed shoulders with each other, it was immediate. The violin playing finesse and temperament, coupled with the strong song writing and vocal element soon came to the fore, and 'The Tenmours' were formed.

So far the duo have performed at various concerts and festivals throughout 2015 accumulating with several appearances on BBC Radio Leeds.

It was during this period that a selection of The Tenmours songs were heard, which resulted in an approach for the two boys to record a 5 song EP.

This began initially with two consecutive sessions at Cava Studio's in Glasgow Scotland…. working with the renowned engineer Geoff Allan.

The songs were subsequently mixed in west Cumbria by the young engineer Lee Shackley, and mastering was undertaken in Living Room Studio Budapest by the great Hungarian musical virtuoso Nikola Parov.

The album is produced by singer songwriter Nigel H Seymour.

The EP possesses a wonderful balance of folk and commerciality uniquely blended by the musicians themselves. Nigel H Seymour has contributed two songs to the EP and joins the 'Tenmours' on this rare occasion to both record and perform them …

'Poets Heart' are songs written from the heart . They demonstrate life's journey
from a young and old perspective …the tunes are soulful and mesmerising, they linger in the mind and refresh the soul.

Everyone is encouraged to buy this EP directly from Watermark Music. Monies earned from this recording will go to the musicians themselves allowing them to continue and make further music.

Track List

Even In My Dreams
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Said Goodbye
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If my spirit had left me
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