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Sweet Lady 1973

Ok, I will be perfectly frank and honest. I will tell you the true story of this album 'Sweet Lady' and how the songs evolved.

I was 17 years old and trying frantically to write songs in the vein of  'The Eagles' and west coast American folk rock for some reason.  I'd been kicking around several ideas for acoustic songs and had, at some point arrived back on the Isle of Iona.  I wanted to be 'flower power' and my 'Iona mum' was very empathetic to my requirement and set about cutting triangles of old yellowish flowered curtain material To sew into my bell-bottom jeans.  This very action was the inspiration for the song 'Jeanie Blue' the first song of the album 'Sweet Lady'

In my 'Journal' section of the site I talk about the recording processes and how the songs evolved, but that particular period in time for me was a magic one because everything seemed so infinite, everything was going to last for ever.

'I found you' was a result of meeting my first ever girlfriend and the first 'taste' of dealing with the music industry.

Yet I cannot really state who the 'Sweet Lady' actually was.  In my imagination at that time there was loneliness, a wanting to be loved and a wanting to be free and just drifting. The sweet lady was always present and forever absent yet she has remained the ultimate inspiration for a good many of my richer songs.


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Jeanie Blue
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Dervaig 265

Loneliness to Me
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I Found You
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