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You Can Be

This song idea was conceived while walking through the park in Taunton Somerset.

I’d been listening to the album ‘Return to Bedlam’ by James Blunt and as a result the tune for the ‘You can be everything’ chorus seemed to dwell in my mind. I’d worked the mechanics of the song through on a piano before recording it on a small tape recorder and then thinking no more about it.

It was not until many weeks later that I’d agreed to make a journey back to the Island of Iona in Scotland in order to record some songs in the famous abbey there. While sat at the piano in the ‘croft’ I revisited the song idea for ‘You can be Everything’ and played it to recording engineer Mark Tucker who had accompanied me.

I wrote the lyrics to the song during one late evening and anguished at the lack of words which were missing out of the middle eight sections.

The following day I sat in the croft kitchen and struggled with the missing words.

‘See you reaching through an open door. Watch you stumble on the way’

At about 2.30 that afternoon the song was complete.

During the recording process there were several problems with various sections and The keyboards intro did not seem to fit. Neither Mark Tucker nor myself could work out the problem despite trying numerous variations.

At this point I decided to play the song as it stood to Alan Whitmore a keyboard player who resided in Kendal. Alan did not take long in sitting down and simply playing the intro as he felt it should be by adding a G into the right hand and syncopating the opening chords.

This slight input changed the face of the song giving it the lilt and the shape required to push it along.

The cover design for the song sleeve was conceived and designed by Jacqui Wallace.

The song was produced by Mark Tucker and myself in time which was not really allocated for its production.

The film sequences for the song were shot at terminal one Stuttgart Airport by My Square Films.

The song, the lyrics and original lyrics are now available as a free download.

You Can Be Everything
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You Can Be Everything Video

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