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It’s good to see you on the site! And I sincerely hope you will enjoy the visit.

I am sure that if you take your time to peruse the following pages you will find some interesting information and access to my song writing, which has spanned over the past 36 years. It’s been interesting to work on the new web site recently in and out of the numerous trips I’ve been making to Europe.  In Turkey during the summer I played a concert on a beach while the sun was setting and it was a magical feeling.  And I’ve a series of concerts coming up beginning in Basle Switzerland and finishing in Stuttgart Germany, which should be fun.

 This site is in the process of being improved and it is intended to make my music, writings, film and pictures available for you all to share.  You can now visit the shop and listen to examples of my music and look some of the songs up on YouTube.  Eventually I hope to be able to offer you song lyric books and many other interesting features connected with my music and the numerous international expeditions I have been involved with over the years.

Do leave me a message and place your name and details in the visitor’s book and I will certainly be in touch.   I look at the book regularly and try to ensure that everybody who has taken the trouble to get in touch with me will receive a response.

Meanwhile it’s been good to see you and come again soon!

Nigel x